A space for community

We modeled Estelita’s after the community centerpieces of Nicaragua, where people of all ages and backgrounds gather to talk and play. The gossiping, storytelling, and occasional debating all do their part to keep the energy of the community alive.

Similarly to these Nicaraguan centerpieces, Estelita’s is a community space for people to come together, raise their voices, and inspire each other. We invite everyone here to think openly and speak freely.

“Everything about Estelita’s Library — from the books on the shelves, to the design of the space itself, to the food on the plates — is built to bring people together and share knowledge.”

— The Seattle Times

Join us for an event

We host community book talks, classes, meetings, history lessons, and much more. Come share your thoughts and experiences with fellow members of the community as we dive deep into our collective analysis for justice together.

We love books, we love social justice, and we love the people!

Meet the founders

We are Edwin and Estell, the co-founders of Estelita’s Library. We initially built the library for our daughter, Estella, because we wanted a space for her to be empowered by and grow alongside her community. It has since become so much more to us than that.

Through the many trials our community has faced thus far including the pandemic, Estelita’s stood tall as a symbol of what our people needed the most. We love the community we have built throughout this journey and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it. Come learn with us, celebrate with us, and fight with us.

Looking forward to meeting you all, much love.